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BW Signature Collection Antares Hotel Concorde

Viale Monza, 132, 20127 Milano MI, Italia

The BW Signature Collection Antares Hotel Concorde is a 4-star hotel in Viale Monza, just a few minutes from Corso Buenos Aires and Milan Central Station. A flexible hotel that offers a wide range of services and which has bet, especially in the recent restyling, on attention to the environment, choosing natural, eco-sustainable materials with advanced ventilation and sanitization systems in the common areas (including the lifts). The invitation to enter and discover an oasis where nature, vertical gardens and eco-sustainable materials emphasize a new way of understanding and experiencing the spaces of a hotel. Dedicated to guests who use it for work, between one appointment and another, a conference call, a meeting, a relaxing break.

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Friday 09:00 - 17:00
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